Variety of Yamaha R1 and Specs from Years to Years

Yamaha R1 is one of sport bike variant from Yamaha. It was manufactured under the name of Yamaha Motor Company. In 1988, it was first produced and marketed under the name of Yamaha. It was made intended to repairing Genesis engine in previous version. The overall engine has shorter length, and then the engine work is efficiently done. Beside that, the wheelbase in this sport bike was also shortened. This was done to lessen the weight of the engine because of gravity speed.

Yamaha R1 or also known as Yamaha YZF R1 is made with longer swing arm. This is made without consent to the wheelbase which was shortened. Anyway, the length of the wheelbase is 1385 mm. The diameter of the carburetors is 40 mm with supply from forks with size 41 mm. This sport bike has inbuilt self diagnosis system to paneling the instrument electrically. It also has exhaust system to control the exhaustion of gas flow from the engine.

Yamaha R1 2017Yamaha R1 2016Yamaha R1 2015Blue 2017 Yamaha R1Black 2017 Yamaha R1mBlack 2017 Yamaha R12016 Yamaha R1 Yellow2015 Yamaha R1 Blue2014 Yamaha R1 Red2009 Yamaha R12002 Yamaha R1

Blue 2017 Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 2015

Variants of Yamaha R1

After the first version in 1998, the Yamaha R1 keeps coming with new variants. One of them is 2002 Yamaha R1. This variant was introduced in 2002 as the new fuel injection of Yamaha YZF R1. The fuel injection of this sport bike works as a carburetor to controlled gas made by the engine. In this variant was also first introduced the cooling system. This variant also has upgraded LED rear side light. It has a very clear and sharp bodyline to conquer the road.

The next variant is the 2009 Yamaha R1. This variant was known as the all new design of Yamaha R1. It adapted the technology from M1 Moto GP for the engine of the sport bike. These sport bikes also come with a feature to choose maps depend on the environment. It was also has upgraded suspension. It has shock absorber in the rear side. It also connected to underneath swing arm to offer more safety. This version then was produced until 2014.

Black 2017 Yamaha R1m

2002 Yamaha R1

2009 Yamaha R1

2014 Yamaha R1 Red

In 2015, Yamaha launched the 2015 Yamaha R1. This version then became the remark of the new generation born from Yamaha R1. It weight for 199 kg and completed with electronic control features. It also has sensors services. The wheels of the sport bike made with magnesium material. The overall features offer any information the rider needed when ride the bike. The 2015 Yamaha R1 was also known use most expensive components of sport bike. So, it is expected to have pricy price.

The 2016 Yamaha R1 is a newer version of Yamaha YZF R1. It was launched in 2016 with promises of greater specs. The detail of Yamaha R1 specs is the use of 998 cc engine. It has bore x stroke size to 79 mm x 50.9 mm. The fuel system of the bike is fuel injection system. The ratio of compression is 13:1. The chassis of the bike is hydraulic dual disc with diameter 320 mm for front brake.  And for rear brake is hydraulic single disc with diameter 220 mm.

2015 Yamaha R1 Blue

2016 Yamaha R1 Yellow

Yamaha R1 2016

Black 2017 Yamaha R1

The Yamaha R1 weight is 177 kg as a dry weight and 199 kg as a wet weight. The power of the sport bike or the Yamaha R1 horsepower is up to 190 hp equal to 141.7 kW. The Yamaha R1 price is 12,999 USD which is more expensive than the 2015 version. The price is not consider pricy and it comes with guarantee up to 12 months.

That is all the information about the Yamaha YZF R1. May it can help you informed about the differences of every sport bike from every manufacturing company.

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