Learjet 35, Mostly Used Business Jet

Learjet 35 – Learjet is a Canadian business jet known since 1960. It was actually found in 1950, but officially launched in 1962. The Learjet was one of luxury aircraft manufactured after World War II. It was gaining interest from public at that time. The first Learjet made is Learjet 23. It was officially debuted as commercial business jets in 1964. There were 104 unit of this aircraft made and used at its peak time. It has 6 passengers capacity with two pilots as its crew. The size of the aircraft is 43 ft and 3 inch in length also 12 ft and 7 inch in height. The empty weight of the aircraft is 6,150 lb which is the same as 2,790 kg.

After the long run of the Learjet since 1962, it has some version which stop being produced and some which is still producing. So, in this article we will try to getting know the both version and its specs.

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Learjet 35 N90J

Learjet 75

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The Learjet 25 and Learjet 35 No Longer in Produce Today

The first Learjet no longer in produce is Learjet 25. This aircraft was first produced in 1666 and first flight also in 1966. It was manufactured by the Learjet Company to fulfill the need of business jets in the 1960s. It has two addition passengers seat. It also has longer body than the previous version. The Learjet 25 comes with four other variants. They are Learjet 25B, Learjet 25C, Learjet 25D, and Learjet 25G. It has improved features in design, machine, or other specs between each variant.

The Learjet 35 is also one of Learjet no longer in produce. It was first produced and used in 1974. There were 738 units of Learjet 35 ever made. This version comes with other two variants. They are Learjet 35A and the Learjet 35 Military Variants. The development of military variant was made after the use of Learjet 35A in United States Air Force. After that, many countries also choose Learjet 35 as its military transportation devices. Country like Argentina, Japan, until Saudi Arabia is trusted the Learjet 35 to fulfill their needs.

Learjet 75 Picture

Learjet 60

Learjet 25

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Another example of Learjet no longer in produce is Learjet 60. This version was produced in 1992 until it was stopped in 2002. There were some notable incidents involving this aircraft. The incidents example is the tires problem and also the flying door plane which got the worlds surprised. There is no addition of passenger seats in this version. It costs more than 14,000 million USD for a unit. But they are not produce anymore since 2002.

The Learjet Still in Produce Today

The long time use Learjet series is Learjet 45. This aircraft was first produced in 1998 and still produce until now. There are exactly 642 units as of February, 2017 and it may be increased in the near time. It has one addition of passenger seat, so it makes there are 9 seats overall. The length of the aircraft is increased in big number, till it reaches 58 ft. It is sold for mor than 13,000 USD and still actively use for civilian flight needs.

Learjet 60 XR

Learjet 45 XR

Learjet 35

The Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 are also still in produce until today. They were first introduced in 2013 and deliver for used following the introduction. It has speed up to 861 km per hour and takeoff with maximum weight up to 9,752 kilogram. It is said there already more than 75 units of this version and there is no incidents involving it. The Learjet 70 is costs for more than 11,000 USD and the Learjet 75 is costs for more tha 14,000 USD.

That is all the information you need about the Learjet Business Jets. May it can informed you as you need.