GMC Canyon, the Solid Option for Your Pickup Trucks

GMC Canyon or the twin of Chevrolet Colorado finally makes its comeback. After a decade without fresh change and new design, finally in 2014 the Chevrolet Colorado debuting GM Canyon to join the market again. Overall features are offered without many differences to its twins. It has front grille design with engine detail as 2.5-liter I4. You can choose between two types, they are two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive types.

The GMC Canyon also features 4G LTE connectivity to its on-board wifi. Of course this feature helps the user of the GMC Canyon a lot. The GMC Canyon is a second generation of Chevrolet Colorado as have been said before. Before the debuts, it is still known as Chevrolet Colorado only.

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GMC Canyon Diesel

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The first generation of Canyon was manufactured and design by GM’s North America, GM’s Brazil, and Isuzu. The three was jointly creating the Canyon first design and produced it. The peak popularity of Canyon was in 2005. At that time, there were 163,204 units of Canyon were sold and used. The number was far leading than the selling of Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma.

The 2005 GMC Canyon and 2006 GMC Canyon or known as Chevrolet Colorado has 4 types of engine. The first type was use 2.5-liter 4JK1-TC I4 engine, next 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC I4 engine, 2.8-liter LK5 I4 engine, and 3.5-liter L52 I5 engine. Each engine also offer different power, they are 116 horsepower or 87 kW, 146 horsepower or 109 kW, 175 horsepower or 130 kW, and 220 horsepower or 164 kW.

2017 Black GMC Canyon

2015 GMC Canyon Diesel

2005 GMC Canyon Small Pickup TRuck

The Detail of GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon comes with length 5,347 mm, height 1,781 mm, and width 1,882 mm. It is available in three design, they are single cab, space cab, and double cab. GMC Canyon diesel review gets good scores. The diesel engine in this truck is easier to maneuver and park. Beside that, the diesel engine has abundant torque. It helps to increase tow rating of the truck.

GMC Canyon towing capacity is range between 7,000 pounds to 7,700 pounds. It is a big number for a smaller in size truck. To get the highest towing capacity, the Canyon should use the turbo diesel engine. The Canyon truck is also given a good score for its safety. But, it is still get poor score for the absences of side airbags. For a truck the present of side airbags is really important. The truck especially the one which use in off road field, is need safety assurance to be use comfortably. If not, it is really unsafe for the passenger and the driver of the trucks.

GMC Canyon 2018

2006 Brown GMC Canyon

The default of GMC Canyon lifted first manufactured is 2 inch leveling. But, it is possible to upgrade it to 2.5 inch or 3 inch leveling. The lift kits of the Canyon allow for larger tires than others and additional clearance of fender. In 2015 and 2016 GMC Canyon, the suspension lift kit is up to 6 inch. It is very big number than previous series.

One of variants of Canyon is GMC Canyon Denali. The GMC Canyon Denali offers a very comfortable and advanced technology features. It has leather seat with heated menu to it. It also has premium floor mats to offer comforts to placing your feet. The engine use in this variant is the new 3.6-liter V6. It is a gas engine. It has 308 horsepower and 369 lb-ft torque capacity. It also is completed with cameras to watch area you may not be able to see.

2017 GMC Canyon Denali Crew Cab

2016 GMC Canyon Denali

2005 Red GMC Canyon Small Pickup TRuck

That is all the information about GMC Canyon. You can get the truck with price range between 21,000 USD to 23,000 USD. The Canyon used before can you get for approximately 16,000 USD. May it can help you informed.