Ducati Monster, the Sexy Italian Naked Bike

Ducati monster was produced and manufactured by Ducati in Italy as a naked bike variant. Miguel A. Galluzi was the designer and creator of this bike. In 1993, the company started to produce it in Bologna, Italy. It uses engine with 90o V-twin and desmodromic valves. The top speed of Ducati Monster is up to 160 horsepower. It has wheelbase size at most 1,440 mm and weight between 161 kilogram and 182 kilogram.

The first intention in building Ducati monster is the company wanted a strong-look bike, but easy to ride. Then they assigned Galluzi for the job. He then came up with the proposal. Unexpectedly, it was well received in public. There are many variants of it since it released. They are mostly divided by the year they are launched. In this article, there will be description of each variant since it was released.

White Ducati Monster 797Ducati Monster 1200 r From TopDucati Monster 797White Ducati Monster 821White Ducati Monster 696Red Ducati Monster 1200Red Ducati Monster 821Red Ducati Monster 696Orange Ducati Monster 1200Black Ducati Monster 1200Black Ducati Monster 821Black Ducati Monster 696

Ducati Monster 797

Ducati Monster 1200 r From Top

Variants of Ducati Monster per Year

As it has been said before, it was first released in 1993. So, the list below will be divided start from year 1900s to present. Every year have they variants. Check all of them in this list below.

  • 1990s

In this year, there are three variants released. They are M600, M750, and M900. The three of them was known as the first generation and already shipped to many countries. Countries which order this bike, for example, are Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan. Despite its popularity in others country, this bike was also popular for use in Italy. After that, there are new variants also released. It called M400 and has top speed up to 42 horsepower per 10,500 rpm.

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  • 2000s to 2007s

In the early 2000, the company released super bike named S4. After it had been released, the new generation was finally launched. It was called the Ducati Monster 696. It was first released in 2007. But, it was officially launched for public in 2008. It uses v-twin engine and has air-cooled engine. Beside that, the 696 was also new with its larger engine for 1078 cc. This bike is still produced and offered with Ducati Monster price for 9,295 USD.

White Ducati Monster 696

Red Ducati Monster 696

Black Ducati Monster 696

  • 2010s

The Ducati Monster 796 was released first time in 2010. It was then followed by the release of Ducati Monster 795 in 2011. This variant was really popular in Thailand, then they build the assembled in there. This series has larger engine which is 803 cc.

Red Ducati Monster 796

  • 2014s

In this year the Ducati Monster 1200 and 821 were first released. The 1200 has water-cooled valve with power up to 145 horsepower. There are two variants of 1200; they are the 1200S and 1200R. Both of them were released in 2014. The difference was located in the wheelbase. On the other hand, the Ducati Monster 821 also has dark variants and normal variants. The 821 price is range between 10,995 USD to 11,495 USD. Meanwhile, the 1200 price is offer for 30,032 USD. A fantastic price for a bike it is.

Black Ducati Monster 821

White Ducati Monster 821

Red Ducati Monster 821

  • 2016s

In the 2016, Ducati released another variants which was Ducati Monster 1200R. It has power up to 160 horsepower. It also provided with suspension front and rear. It use better engine and weight for 207 kilogram.

Black Ducati Monster 1200

Orange Ducati Monster 1200

Red Ducati Monster 1200

That is all the information about Ducati Monster and Ducati Monster Price. The price really ranges widely; depend on the model and variants of it. May this information can help you to choose your monster bike.