Dodge Power Wagon, the Recommended Pickup Truck

Dodge Power Wagon is a pickup truck marketed and manufactured by Ram Trucks. This type of Dodge series was produced since 1945 until present. Before 1945, this type is known with name Dodge and used as military trucks of World War II. It is known as a first four wheel drive trucks and is the predecessor of many four wheel trucks today. From 1980, there are updated variants to the design and concepts. It is resulting to the nowadays concept of Dodge Power Wagon.

Power Wagon Dodge

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New Dodge Power Wagon

Dodge Power Wagon

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2017 Dodge Power Wagon Details

2017 Dodge Power Wagon was already launched since last November in 2016. It was introduced with upgraded looks. The manly looking is getting rebellious and rude in this new series of Dodge Power Wagon. This pickup trucks rule the off-road without difficulties, thank to the also upgraded parts. Dodge Power Wagon parts come with a very new design such as black powder-coated bumpers, two hooks, front and rear locking differentials, and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

2017 Dodge Power Wagon Interior

Not only that, the 2017 Dodge Power Wagon also over visual strength with its design in details. It still has the 12.000-lb capacity and electronic disconnecting front sway bar. Overall the design, the chosen parts, everything is exceeding public expectation and it is really awesome.

Since 1970, Dodge Power Wagon also comes with Macho series package. It is then called as Dodge Macho Power Wagon. In 2017, the Macho is back. It has a match concept with its name, with all black stripes painted the body. It has a four-inch suspension lift and a front bumper with two hooks.

Dodge Power Wagon Trucks

Dodge Power Wagon Diesel

Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab

2017 Dodge Power Wagon diesel details are none. Actually the developer which is Ram Trucks has two excellent working diesel engines. It is the 6.7-liter Cummins I6 and the 3.0-liter Ecodiesel V6. But they choose to give the Dodge Power Wagon only gas engine with 6.4 gas burner capacity.

The 2017 Dodge Power Wagon also has new interior treats. With all black and red stripes, the interior of the trucks scream manliness. The new design of the steering wheel is getting great compliment. All interiors material is made use leather-trimmed design and in all black. Beside that, the seats cover also has embossed style to offer more comfort.

Dodge Power Wagon 2017

Dodge Power Wagon 2016

2017 Dodge Power Wagon

The Previous Version, 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

Before the city get interest to 2017 Dodge Ram Power Wagon, the previous version of this series already stole the heart of the public. It is everything you need to describe rough and tough in the same sentence. This series is one of Dodge 2500 Power Wagon type of course comes with standards features like before. But, there is one difference which is the solid axles at both ends of the wheel.

Dodge Power Wagon 2016 also has improved interior. It has new color themes, unlike other previous version. It also has soft touch material for the interior of the trucks. As for the multimedia in this truck, it has a Uconnect infotainment system with touchscreen screen size 5-in. It can connect to your Bluetooth device and work command from it. For the purpose of help you charging your electronic equipment, the multimedia also have USB input port.

 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon 2016 Dodge Power Wagon 2016 Dodge Power Wagon Blue

Another feature which is very great is a power sliding rear window, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, chrome-plated mirrors, and bumpers. For safety reasons, the trucks also come with airbags. These airbags is located in dual front side and full-length side.

Now is the end of the description of the recommended Dodge Power Wagon. This series is still steal every heart and get many new fans. So, you are lucky if you are already has it, but you are more than lucky if you plan to get the new version this year.

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