The Comparison Betweeen Price and Specs of Honda CBR500R By Production Year

Honda CBR500R is one of series from the famous Honda 500 twins. Honda 500 twins come with three series in one name. It is the name for three siblings with different purpose of use. The Honda 500 twins has Honda CB500F for standard and normal use, Honda CBR500R for sport bike use, and Honda CB500X for adventure use. The three of them are what they called Honda 500 twins.

All the three models of this series is released in each different year. The Honda CBR500R was first released in April 2013. Its class a sport bike manufactures from Honda really exceeded every expectation left. The Honda CBR500R also crowned as one of Canada’s top selling bikes in 2015. The R model from Honda CBR500R is really popular compare to the other two versions.

White 2015 Honda CBR500RWhite 2016 Honda CBR500RHonda CBR500R 2017Elegant 2014 Honda CBR500R WhiteBlack Orange 2016 Honda CBR500R2017 Honda CBR500R2015 Honda CBR500R2014 Honda CBR500R Red & White2014 Honda CBR500R Black2013 Honda CBR500R Motorcycle2013 Honda CBR500R Custom

2013 Honda CBR500R Custom

White 2015 Honda CBR500R

White 2016 Honda CBR500R

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The Honda CBR500R specs will be listed in this list after. First, it is a bike styled as a sport bike. It has completed with parallel-twin and four stroke engine. The engine capacity is 471 cc engine and has size of broke x stroke to 67 mm x 66.8 mm. It also completed with cooling engine system by liquid cooled system. The length of this bike is 2,080 mm and the width is 750 mm, along with the height of 1,145 mm. The fuel capacity of the bike is 15.5 liters for full tank.

The Honda CBR500R horsepower is 46.9 hp per every 8,500 rpm. And with all of those features the CBR500R price is offer between 6,000 USD to 6,400 USD. A used CBR500R can also be bought. It was sold with a very reasonable price with its specs. You don’t need to feel worry buying a used CBR500R because all of its spare part is easy to be finds and buy.

Honda CBR500R 2017

Elegant 2014 Honda CBR500R White

 A Description about Variants of Honda CBR500R

Since its released in 2013, there are already for variants of CBR500R. They are the 2013 Honda CBR500R, the 2014 Honda CBR500R, the 2015 Honda CBR500R, and the 2016 Honda CBR500R. The all new generation which is the 2017 Honda CBR500R also will be released in near time.

The 2013 Honda CBR500R is the original of all them. It is the first produced and delivers everything it’s got to win the heart of public. This 2013 version is the cheapest sport bike from other 2013 sport bikes. It offers only for 5,999 USD and you can save up to 500 USD. It use engine with 471 cc engine and horsepower up to 46.0 hp. The bore x stroke size is 67 mm x 67 mm. So that is why this series also know as the square motorcycle. The front brake of this sport bike is a twin piston caliper size 320 mm, then the rear brake a single caliper size 240 mm.

Black Orange 2016 Honda CBR500R

2017 Honda CBR500R

2013 Honda CBR500R Motorcycle

Next is the 2014 Honda CBR500R. This sport bike is also got the heart of public. It is more and cheaper than its competitor. Actually, it has the same price with the 2013 Honda CBR500R, which is 5,999 USD. But you can save up to 1,896 USD for choosing this bike than any other sport bike released in 2014. It is still has the same specs as the previous version but with more efficient engine.

The 2015 Honda CBR500R is released to promote an all new design of sport bike from Honda 500 twin series. It was offered for 6,299 USD, a lot different than the last two versions it is. It was designed sportier than the previous design and offers greater comfort for the rider. It is possible for tall rider to stretch out as maximal as possible and there is no need for more cram.

2015 Honda CBR500R

2014 Honda CBR500R Black

The last design is the 2016 CBR500R; this sport bike has a new muffler design. It also has upgraded front brake and larger capacity of fuel tank. It also offers three different colors option. For having this sport bike you need to buy it for between 6,499 USD to 6,799 USD at price.

Now, that is all information about CBR500R. If this article can help you informed, then it is really grateful. May you can use this information to help you in your need.