Dassault Falcon Aircraft

Variants of Dassault Falcon Business Jet

Dassault Falcon is another type of business jet aircraft. This Dassault Falcon is made under the name of manufacture company Dassault Aviation. Since 1963 to 1970, the Dassault Falcon keeps gaining interest. Until in 1970, the business jet finally being used commercially. Since it launched, the Dassault Falcon had already more than 10 variants. Until […]

Cessna Citation CJ4 Picture

Cessna Citation X is One of The Most Famous Airplane in The World

Cessna Citation X is a brand name of Cessna Aircraft Company, an United State aviation company in Wichita, Kansas. This citation name was given to indicate that this aircraft is holding jet engine as its main power plant. The jet engine itself is a light class turbofan engine made by Pratt & Whitney in Canada […]