Boeing 777-200 the Trusted Aircraft in The World

Boeing 777-200 : Boeing 777 is an aircraft developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This type of aircraft is an example of an airlines with wide-body but long-range and has twin-engine jet. Actually, Boeing 777 is the largest twinjet in world. It has capacity of 314 to 396 seating passengers. Beside that, Boeing 777 has largest-diameter of turbofan engines compare to others aircraft.

The history behind the developing of Boeing 777 was requiring of capacity airline on long-distance route in 1988. Before Boeing 777, there were twinjets such as Boeing 757 and 767. But, the two variants couldn’t meet the requirement of the change of needs. The developer then realize to solve it they need a new design, which later become the design of the Boeing 777 design.

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Boeing 777x

Boeing 777x Airplane

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In 2011, the Boeing developer launched a new series proposed of Boeing 777. It is known as Boeing 777x and expectantly be released in 2019 or 2020. It has two variants, they are Boeing 777-8X and 777-9X. The all new design of Boeing 777X would feature extended horizontal stabilizer and expanded capacity to 407 passengers.

The Boeing 777-200 in Country Airlines

Boeing 777-200 is very popular in many countries. It has maximum range up to 5,240 miles or the same as 9,700 km. The capability of this series to travel far away was also aimed to domestic airline. This series competitor is Airbus aircraft in A330-300 series. Until 2016, United Airlines already use Boeing 777-200 for 73 airline services in United States.

France is one of countries using Boeing 777-200 for their airlines need. The seat mapping for Boeing 777-200 Air France has three classes. It includes 40 business class seats, 24 premium economy seats, and 216 standard economy seats. Overall, there are 280 passengers, exclude air cabin employees.

Boeing 777x Aircraft

Boeing 777 200lr Emirates

Boeing 777 200 Saudi Arabian

The Boeing 777 business class has all you need to travel to the skies. It seats can converted to flat bed. This is different with the previous series, where the seats only possible converted to some extent of angle. It also comes with personal mini bar, where you can choose your wanted drinks. After all the most important talk is the privacy, in this business class you will get high walls between each seat to provide you some privacy.

Beside Boeing 777 Air France, another country using Boeing for airlines need is Uni Emirates Arab (UEA). This Boeing 777 Emirates is use to provide pleasure in travelling from Dubai to any other countries. In all over features and design, it screams luxury. Especially the First and Business Class, with every detail to make sure you experience the most comfortable of travelling.

Boeing 777 200lr British Airways

Boeing 777 200er Italia

Boeing 777 200 Emirates

Another example of Boeing 777 airline is Boeing 777 British Airways. This triple seven series is also trusted to deliver people across Europe. It is known with low hanging landing gear and narrow tailfin. It has excellent fuel efficiency and great comfort for all passengers. Other than that, the Boeing 777 British Airways offer super wide cabins and very high ceiling for the customer comfort reasons. All class of seats provided with audio and video facilities.

Boeing 777 Delta Airlines are operating in Atlanta and other areas. This airline has the same configuration as any other Boeing 777 airline. It has three class of seating, which is Delta One, Delta Comfort+, and Delta Main Cabin. The Delta One class offer possibility to bend the seat and form bed. It has a total of 7 lavatories. For safety reason, children are not permitted in the Delta One class.

Boeing 777 200 Boeing 777 200 United

Boeing 777 200 British Airways

That is the end of this article about Boeing 777. After all, the Boeing 777 is already known and trusted to provide commercial aircraft needs. It also keeps coming with new investment and proposes for greater services. Now, all over the world are waiting for the great talk of Boeing 777X. Let’s join the talk and hype, and make sure to experience the travelling comfort by Boeing 777.

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