Boeing 747-8 Commercial Jet Airline, the Popular Jumbo Jet

Boeing 747-8 is another commercial jet manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplane Unit Department. This series is one of the greater series of commercial airplane Boeing’s company ever made. It has almost 150% greater capacity since the first generation of Boeing 707. The first generation of Boeing 747 was launched in 1968 and since then to present still got the special place only for it.

Boeing 747 has distinctive design than other series. This series has its nickname Jumbo Jet because of the unique upper deck and front part of the aircraft designs. The Boeing 747 design detail is its large and wide body. Since its original in 1966, Boeing 747 already has so many other variants to it.

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Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400 United

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The oldest and the first variant of Boeing 747 is Boeing 747-100. It was commercially distributed since 1966. It has three upper deck windows on each side, so it’s a total of six upper deck windows. The upper deck of the airline at first use as lounge areas, but it had began use as premium passengers seating as it developed. The engine for this variant is Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3A series. After it has not produced again, a total of Boeing 747-100 ever produced is 167 airplanes.

In 2002, the use of new variant Boeing 747 400 started. It first used in Air France nearing the end of 2002. It has improved model and range since the previous Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-300. There are three kind of engine used in this series, they are Pratt & Whitney PW 4062, Rolls-Royce RB211-524, and General Electric CF6-80C2. It has a brand new design of cockpit with two flight crew instead of three. It still use in Singapore Airlines, British Airways, and Japan Airlines until present.

Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa

Boeing 747-400 British Airways

Boeing 747-8, the Newest Variant of Boeing 747

Since it first launched, Boeing 747 has already released so many variants. It newest variant launched in 2005 and called Boeing 747-8. For a fact matter, the Boeing 747-8 engines detail and cockpit technology is no different with Boeing 787. So, it is concluded that the Boeing 747-8 is the version of economically and environmentally friendly of Boeing 787.

boeing 747-8i Lufthansa

Boeing 747-8

The use of Boeing 747-8 can you get while travel using Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa. It serves flight between Germany areas and some other countries. It has three class of seating you can choose depend on your budget. The first seating category is the first class. It is located in the nose of the plane. It has luxury feels to its interior design. The second category is business class. This class has up to 92 passengers seat. It divided into upper deck and main deck. The upper deck will be provided glass windows, whether the main deck is not. As for the economy class, there is a total of 142 seats. There are six glass windows for some seating places. There is enough space to rest your energy in the plane afterall.

Boeing 747-8 Seating

Boeing 747-8 Interior

Boeing 747-8 also has new variant called Boeing 747-8 VIP. This series is a private jet series purposing to deliver palace surrounding in the upper sky. It also named as the longest airline ever built and can fly without nonstop until 8,000 miles. How wonderful is it. As for United States of America (USA), Boeing 747-8 VIP has been selected as the president’s working plane. Nothing like the commercial use of Boeing 747-8, the Boeing 747-8 VIP is design just like a home with every room needed. It has bed room, living room, lounge room, and of course a meeting room. It is beyond awesome indeed.

Boeing 747-8 vip

Boeing 747-100

The Boeing 747 flight simulator in Boeing 747-8 offers flight training that meets the latest technical standard. So, it can provided safety and security to the passengers. For all its great and awesomeness, the Boeing 747 price is range between 147 Million USD to 240 Million USD.