Boeing 737 Max, the New Generation of Boeing’s Airlines

Boeing 737 Max is another version of Boeing’s Airlines launched in 1967. This series is popular use for commercial airlines in the United States or outside of it. The original Boeing 737 has lower in cost engine than Boeing 707 and 727. This Boeing 737 has passenger capacity from 85 to 215 people. It also introduced as a new generation of Boeing with many changes from the design to the machine. Till present, there are 9,401 Boeing 737 already used since 1967. As of February 2017, which is last month there are more than 4,000 orders made for the Boeing 737.

Boeing 737 developed into three big variant, they are Boeing 737 Max, Boeing 737 Next Generation, and Boeing 737 Classic. The Boeing 737 Classic series is Boeing 737 300, 737 400,  and 737 500. Meanwhile the Boeing 737 New Generation includes Boeing 737 600, 737 700, 737 800, and 737 900.

Boeing 737 Max 10Boeing 737 Next GenerationBoeing 737 MaxBoeing 737 erBoeing 737 er UkraineBoeing 737 900erBoeing 737 900Boeing 737 800Boeing 737 800 JetBoeing 737 700Boeing 737 700 United

Boeing 737 Next Generation

Boeing 737 Max

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Boeing 737 700 is the second version of Boeing New Generation after Boeing 737 600. It was began production since 1996. Since then, this version is already use for commercial airplanes. It has 137 passengers seat for cabin class only and over all 149 seats if all-economy configuration used. Southwest Airlines is a user of Boeing 737 700 primarily. The unique feature of this version is the seats can be transformed into a space to carry cargo. And yes it’s really a handy help.

Beside Boeing 737 700, the New Generation version also launched the Boeing 737 800. This version is the replaced for Boeing 737 400 from classic variant. It is popular to use for many countries commercial airlines. Garuda Airlines from Indonesia is the primarily user of this airplane, along with Ryan Air and United Airlines. Until present, there are already more than 4,000 Boeing 737 800 used. It is know n as the largest amount of aircraft serving flight from Europe to Africa and vice versa.

Boeing 737 er

Boeing 737 700 United

Boeing 737 er Ukraine

Another series is the Boeing 737 900. It was then known as the longest airplane to date. It is expected competes Airbus A321 in the commercial airplane field. There are 189 passenger seats available in this aircraft. And it is still use by Alaska Airline since 1997.

All the three variant of Boeing 737 New Generation are come as the Boeing 737 ER. ER is stands for Extended Range. It means the Boeing 737 ER, whether it’s the 700, 800, or 900 series has extended range variant. The entire airplane has extended variant to meet larger range and bigger capacity of passengers. There is also additional pair of doors for exit and additional fuel capacity. It is expected to serve every need of flight passengers. Lion Air is a primarily customer of Boeing 737 ER. They use this aircraft since 2007 until present.

Boeing 737 900er

Boeing 737 900

Boeing 737 700

The New Design Boeing 737 MAX

In 2011, the Boeing 737 MAX was finally approved to be manufactured and marketed. It was made as a rival of the Airbus series A320neo. The development of this aircraft is going strongly since then. They already have variant such as Boeing 737 MAX 8, 737 MAX 200, 737 MAX 9, and 737 MAX 10.

The Boeing 737 MAX 10 is the very popular airplane all over the world. It used by Korean Air to service flight within South-Korea or outside of it. This aircraft has larger engine and of course stronger wing than the previous Boeing 737 MAX 9. The Boeing 737 seating offers up to 230 passenger seats which are larger than the Airbus A321neo. This airline is primarily use by United Airlines, Air Canada, and of course Lion Air.

Boeing 737 800 Jet

Boeing 737 800

That is all the information about Boeing 737 with its entire variant. May it can help you well informed.