Airbus A380 , Trusted Double-Deck Commercial Aircraft

Airbus A380 is one of aircrafts manufactured and marketed by Airbus Company. Airbus Company is known as European Company for manufacturing aircraft. Airbus A380 was first launched in 2005. Since then, it is known as one of aircraft can be trusted for flight. It is also known as the largest number of passenger in aircraft. The Airbus A380 capacity can carry up to 853 passengers in one flight. A big number of passenger don’t you think so?

The reason behind the born of this large aircraft is the competition between each manufacturing airline company. Since Boeing start to make airline with big number of passenger, Airbus already is planning its own. Until in 2000, they finally announced the plan and in 2001 the configuration finally finished. The component of the airline was manufactured all over the world, like in France, Spain, and of course Germany.

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Airbus A380

Airbus A380 800 Air France

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A380 orders and deliveries have been made from any country. There are more than 300 orders made of this aircraft as of February 2017. It is a very big of interest, since February is only the second month of a year. Orders and deliveries of A380 are mostly done by Emirates Airlines and Air France. The two of them are the primarily user of A380. Since Emirates keep ordering in big number of orders, Airbus starts to give they discount. The Aribus A380 orders also placed by Japanese airline and Virgin Atlantic in 2014, but it is uncertain because some circumstance.

Primarily User of Airbus A380 Aircraft

This Airbus A380 aircraft is known as a double-deck commercial aircraft. Since it has a very big number of passengers, the Emirates Airlines start using it for their airline needs. The Airbus A380 Emirates is a famous of luxury of A380. It has three-class of service. They are first class, business class, and economy class. The first class of Airbus A380 Emirates is giving luxury and elegant vibe. It matches the service given by high star hotel because the seat can be change as a bed. In the Airbus A380 first class of this airline, they provide a shower and spa. It is beyond expectation, because who ever expect you can relax for five minutes in a hot water.

Airbus A380 First Class

Airbus A380 First Class Bed

Airbus A380 Air France Flight

Beside Emirates, the Air France also primarily uses A380. The Airbus A380 Air France was first used in November 2009. The Airbus A380 Air France is operating in shorter flight. It mostly serves flight from France to United Kingdom, or others flight with no more than 400 km distance. The Airbus A380 Air France uses the 800 variants of it. It was first announced in 2010 as Airbus A380 800 Air France and start giving service to passengers. It keeps developing since the first it was made, now they can lift up to 575 ton in one take off. But, the Airbus A380 800 then replace by the new variants which is A380 900.

The Airbus A380 specs describe with an engine with two types of turbo fan in it. The first one is the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the second is the Engine Alliance GP7000. It was already made for more than 208 until now. You can find the price of this aircraft for 436.9 million USD. And for more than ten years, this double-deck aircraft keep trusted by the passengers.

Airbus A380 800 Air France Flight

Airbus A380 Emirates

Airbus A380 Comercial Aircraft

The aircraft was made from many variants of materials. They are aluminum alloys, carbon-fiber plastic, glass-fiber plastic, and quartz-fiber plastic. Because of it, the weight of the aircraft is lighter than other aircraft up to 90 kilogram.

That is all the information about the Airbus A380 and its use. May this information informed you as you need.