2018 Lincoln Continental, the First Generation of Luxury Car

2018 Lincoln Continental is the tenth generation of Lincoln Continental sedan. Actually, this Lincoln Continental is manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company. It is important to realize that Ford Motor Company is different with Continental Motor Company. So, Lincoln Continental sedan is not produced under the name of Continental but Ford.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental is considered as luxury cars. As a sedan, it is far away from definition of normal sedan. It is a very personal car with luxury feels. It was first produced in 1939. Since then, it was known as trusted luxury sedan.

Tenth generation of Lincoln Continental was produced and developed in 2016. Until it was finally released in 2018, it is expected to get good review. It was assembly in Flat Rock and Michigan. The designer of this series is David Woodhouse.

The Trim Choices of 2018 Lincoln Continental

The 2018 Lincoln Continental is offer in many different trim choices. They are the reserve trim, premiere trim, or select trim. Beside the trim model, the 2018 Lincoln Continental also offers a label model. It is called as the 2018 Lincoln Continental Black label.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental in black is completed with engine of 3.7 liters V6 engine. It has maximum power up to 250 kW. The transmission processor is different with normal transmission. This car use transmission controlled with label such as P, R, N, D, and S.

As a luxury car, the 2018 Lincoln Continental has automatic shutting door. It will pull the door shut automatically, if it has not been shut completely before. Beside that, the car has control camera with surrounding area capability up to 360-degree. The car also has many speakers. It comes with option between 13 speakers or 19 speakers. It is a very big number of speakers indeed.

Back to the topic about trim model, the 2018 Lincoln Model has three types of trim model. The first one is the 2018 Lincoln Continental Premiere trim model. Next is the 2018 Lincoln Continental Select trim model. The last one is the 2018 Lincoln Continental Reserve trim model. Beside the different in trim model, the 2018 Lincoln Continental also has five different packages offered. For example the first package is the Rear Seat Package. It offers different service of rear seat; they are heated seat, cooled seat, and massaging sear. Other than that, there is also Chalet package, Thoroughbred package, and rhapsody package. Please noted that every package offer different additional equipment of the car.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental price for Premiere trim is about 45,485 USD. Meanwhile the 2018 Lincoln Continental MSRP for Select trim is start from 48,440 USD. The last trim model which is the 2018 Lincoln Continental Reserve is about 54,840 USD.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental for sale is considered very affordable. For you can get it start from 45,000 USD up to 57,000 USD with every addition of equipment you ask for. The 2018 Lincoln Continental also known as the 2018 Lincoln Continental Convertible. It was named like that because of the convertible door it has. This car has ability to convert the two doors car become the four doors.

The all features, design, and impressive impression makes this 2018 Lincoln Continental review steal attention. It is overall great and recommended to use. Since it also has more than 80 years of experience, this car also already has the trust from the user. So, the Lincoln Continental 2018 is expected to run the road as the luxury sedan of the year. As it has been said before the Lincoln Continental 2018 price is worth the service it delivers.

Now is the end of the article about 2018 Lincoln Continental. May it can help to fulfill your need about information of luxury cars.