2017 Toyota Prius Review: Another Full Hybrid Compact Car from Toyota

2017 Toyota Prius was first introduced in the end of year 1997. When it first released, many people were questioning the medium size of it. It is a car with sedan class. It has four doors. But, since 2003 it was reproduced as a five doors compact car. The engine of this car was located in front side of the car. As the manufacturer of this car is Toyota, it already has the reputation and expectation since it first introduced.

The 2017 is the mark of it 20 years experienced. So, many people wait expectantly for this released. Toyota Prius 2017 is the fourth generation. The embark point of this fourth generation is the released of 2016 Toyota Prius. It was first introduced in the end of 2015, but start commercially used in 2016.

Toyota Prius 20172017 Toyota Prius2017 Toyota Prius White2017 Toyota Prius Silver2017 Toyota Prius Prime2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced2017 Toyota Prius Orange2017 Toyota Prius Four Touring2017 Toyota Prius Four Touring Red2017 Toyota Prius Blue

Toyota Prius 2017

2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Toyota Prius Blue

All Models from the Toyota Prius Family

As the first hybrid car from Japan, Toyota Prius was always sold out good since 1997. The world didn’t know about hybrid car before the Toyota Prius. So, it was called as the original hybrid car. There are many models of it. All the models released in different year, but it keeps reproducing every year. Like now in 2017.

The first family of Toyota Prius is the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime. This model is the second generation of Prius Plug in. It was first developed in 2015 and followed by introduction at the end of 2016 in United States of America. And it is followed by sale publicly since February 2017. This 2017 Toyota Prius Prime crowned as the highest miles per gallon equivalent (mpg-e) rating in any vehicle by EPA.


The next model is the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced. So, the Prime variant has two models. The first one is the standard model and the next one is the advanced model. The advanced model has greater efficiency than other Prius model. In barely two months, it already sold for more than 70,000 units.

2017 Toyota Prius White

2017 Toyota Prius Silver

2017 Toyota Prius Prime

The next one is the 2017 Toyota Prius V. This model was first produced in 2012. It is considered as a hatchback wagon and appointed as the embark point of third generation. It has wider space than its previous model. There is more than 50% greater empty space in this car. It was first introduced in North America and already very popular. In Europe and Japan version, it has seven passenger seats. But in the North America version, it has only five passenger seats. The sale of this Toyota Prius V before is a bit behind other models. It has already sold for 668,494 units since it first released.

The V model also divided into many variants. For example is the 2017 Toyota Prius V four and 2017 Toyota Prius V five. The two of them are different in some ways. For example are the lighting features. The V four has halogen headlight, while the V five has upgraded LED headlight. And the V five has already includes the paranomic sunroof with eight speaker sound system, while the V four has not.

The next model is the Toyota Prius two, three, four, and five models. The first one is the 2017 Toyota Prius Two. This car is the base of trim level of Toyota Prius. As other Prius models, it has efficient hybrid engine. The 2017 Toyota Prius Three has upgraded features, like the navigation, the radio, and voice recognition services. Next is the 2017 Toyota Prius Four. This model has ability to drive for touring. So, it is also known as 2017 Toyota Prius Four Touring. The last trim is the 2017 Toyota Prius Five. It is the luxury trim of this sedan. It also has the best safety guarantee than others model.

2017 Toyota Prius Orange

2017 Toyota Prius Four Touring Red

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced

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Beside that, there is also the 2017 Toyota Prius Two eco. This model is offering the efficient and economist drive. It can effectively used fuel and consider good for economic reasons. The overall 2017 Toyota Prius MPG is up to 54 mpg in the combination of three-quarters drive in highway and one-quarter drive in normal speed.

Now is the end of the explanation about the Toyota Prius plug in 2017. May it can help you to find the right plug in hybrid car.