2017 Tesla Model S a Luxury Hybrid Cars

2017 Tesla Model S is one of luxury car manufactured by Tesla Inc. This car is one of a sport car class with the most luxury features. It is also known as White Star. It has five doors and all controlled by electronic technology. The 2017 Tesla Model S was first produced and marketed in 2012. It still in produced until present. The designer of this model is Franz von Holzhausen. The production of this car can finished about 1,000 cars per week and would be increased in this year.

The 2017 Tesla Model S specs divided into 7 types. They are the type with horsepower 40 kWh, 60 kWh, 70 kWh, 75 kWh, 85 kWh, 90 kWh, and 100 kWh. Each type also has different maximum speed. It ranges from 110 mph up to 155 mph. This sport car has chargeable battery. The charge port is located in front side of the car. Precisely it is on the left taillight. It also has independent suspension. It is positioned on all four wheels of this car.

Elegant 2017 Tesla Model S WhiteElegant 2017 Tesla Model S RedElegant 2017 Tesla Model S P100DElegant 2017 Tesla Model S BlueElegant 2017 Tesla Model S Black2017 Tesla Model S P100D2017 Tesla Model S P100D Red2017 Tesla Model S P100D Blue2017 Tesla Model S 60 White2017 Tesla Model S 60 Red2017 Tesla Model S 60 Red Rear2017 Tesla Model S 60 Blue Front

Elegant 2017 Tesla Model S P100D

Elegant 2017 Tesla Model S Black

2017 Tesla Model S P100D

The features of this sport car are linked to its interior design. The 2017 Tesla Model S interior is updated and upgraded from previous versions. The surface of the seats and the electronic instruments are the example of upgraded interior. Like other sport cars, the 2017 Tesla Model S also has five seats for passengers. It also has additional row which can be use for child seat. There are cargo space in front hood and can help you storing your luggage. Beside that, the electronic technology of this car also upgraded in to the newest technology. It can operate Linux system or Ubuntu system for the touch screen control system.

All variants of Tesla Model S normally have the same features. For example, the Tesla Model S features are the five passenger seats, front trunk, front wheels and rear wheels, and battery. The Tesla Model S will be provided by 4 years long warranty. This vehicle warranty covered standard equipment of the car, transmission, and other parts except the tires. In some countries, there are available Tesla charging stations. The stations will help any Tesla vehicle for charging needs. But, this charging station is only usable by Tesla Model S users.

Elegant 2017 Tesla Model S Blue

2017 Tesla Model S P100D Blue

2017 Tesla Model S 60 White

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The 2017 Tesla Model S Variants

The Tesla Model S is divided into some variants. They are the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D and 2017 Tesla Model S 60. The two variants were first released in different years. For example, the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D has origin design which was first released in 2012. It has battery with capacity of 100 kWh or running up to 335 miles. The 2017 Tesla Model S P100D also has the record as the fastest acceleration of any vehicle. This is one of the biggest achievements the Tesla Model S ever got. As the others variant, the P100D also has electronic five doors and luxury design interior.

Next is the 2017 Tesla Model S 60. This variant was first introduced in 2014. The maximum power of this variant is up to 382 horsepower. The battery can run up to 302 horsepower. The top speed of this variant is 130 mph. The 2017 Tesla Model S price is range differently for each type of variant. For example the 2017 Tesla Model S 60 sale with price starts from 68,000 USD. Meanwhile the P100D price starts from 134,500 USD.

Elegant 2017 Tesla Model S Red

2017 Tesla Model S P100D Red

2017 Tesla Model S 60 Red

2017 Tesla Model S 60 Red Rear

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