2017 BMW i8 Lead the Way for Hybrid Sports Car

2017 BMW i8 is a sport car in hybrid class from BMW Company. It was developed and marketed under the name of BMW brand. It was known as the released for BMV Concept of Vision Efficient Dynamics. Since it was released, and as it got many attention the BMW i8 always known as the leader in hybrid sport car class.

The BMW i8 2017 is another released from this version, after it was first introduced in 2014. So simply saying, the BMW i8 is the third generation of this creature. The first generation was released in 2014 after promoted in International Motor Show Germany at the end of 2013. As a first generation, the BMW i8 already got a name for the first car with laser headlight. This light is so much better reaching around than the LED lights.

Elegant White 2017 bmw i8 with Open The DoorElegant Orange 2017 bmw i8Elegant Grey 2017 bmw i8Bmw i8 2017Bmw i8 2017 WhiteBmw i8 2017 BlueBmw i8 20152017 BMW i8 MSRP2016 bmw i8 Luxurious Hybrid Sport Car2016 bmw i8 Luxurious Hybrid Sport Car Blak2015 BMW i8

Elegant White 2017 bmw i8 with Open The Door

Elegant Grey 2017 bmw i8

The next generation is the BMW i8 2015. At that time, the BMW i8 finally marketed in Australia, China, and India. It was sold for more than 5,000 units. A big number for a hybrid sport car in its first year produced commercially. The BMW i8 2015 was sold at 299.000 AUD price.

The BMW i8 2016 was finally available and marketed in Spain. It is a big advancement, because as the second generation before already delivered across Europe the Spain never got the touch of it. So, when finally BMW i8 can be bought in Madrid, it was increasing the number of sale very much. The 2016 BMW i8 horsepower is not really different from other versions. It is up to 139 horsepower.  For it is all delivered a very good condition and benefit factors of a car, the 2016 BMW i8 price was offered start from 60,000 GBP. It may sound a little bit expensive, but it was worth the services it offers.

Elegant Orange 2017 bmw i8

Bmw i8 2017

2016 bmw i8 Luxurious Hybrid Sport Car Blak

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The Newest Generation of 2017 BMW i8

Three years after it was launched, the BMW i8 2017 is released. The 2017 BMW i8 interior had all the attention. It was a luxury type of car. It is holding the name as the awardees’ of 2015 Luxury Green Car of the Year. Yet it was in 2015, it is still good to remember that the BMW i8 has the reputation in interior fields. Nowadays, it has all surfaces of the seats and the steering wheel covered in leather. It has greater lights than previous version.

The 2017 BMW i8 review is expecting it to be stealing attention. The car will be completed with special design of luggage and bag designs. The engine used in this hybrid car is the B38A15T0 with 1.5 liters turbocharged I3. It is an engine using power from gasoline power. The transmission engine of the car is the Aisin F21-360 FT EOP. The 2017 BMW i8 specs has completed with a lithium-ion battery for capacity of 7.1 kWh. It has three different ranges. They are the 500 km range for comfort mode, the 600 km range for Eco Pro mode, and the 530 km for environment protection agency.

Bmw i8 2017 Blue

Bmw i8 2017 White

2015 BMW i8

The 2017 BMW i8 price or also known as 2017 BMW i8 MSRP is range differently. The price is depending on the design or limited version of it. The car had been released in some limited edition designs and it was sold very high in price. For example the BMW i8 with special Blue color was sold for 495,000 GBP which was a very expensive price. After all, the 2017 BMW i8 is expected to follow the success of its previous version. Like how the 2015 BMW i8 sold for more than 5,000 units in a country and so that the 2016 BMW i8.

Bmw i8 2015

2017 BMW i8 MSRP

That is all the information about the 2017 BMW i8. May this information in this article can help you informed and enough to help you choosing the best hybrid sport car.